• RE: New HRIS Software Implementation

    Thank you Nina and Elizabeth for you comments.
    Yes, I have implemented a system before and I totally under estimated the time frame and resources required for this so I am trying to be mindful of this too.

    That's interesting I did not have Natural…
  • New HRIS Software Implementation

    Good Morning,

    I know this has been covered a lot throughout the posts, which I have utilised to research a number of software's.

    I have received demo's for Cascade, CIPHR, BreatheHR and Access Group.  Breathe HR I liked, however won't do more than…

  • RE: HR in the US

    Hi Lin,

    I work in the UK and I am responsible for our Texas office. You may have already checked out SHRM website.

    Depending on where in the US you have moved too there are a number of local federal sites that you can gain employment law details. …
  • RE: Employment references - what value are they?

    We have the same issues, low response rate and what we do receive does not give us anything. However, on the flip side we only offer confirmation of dates and title too.

    I personally think they are a waste of time, it is a administrative chore.

  • Recruitment Struggles

    Good Morning,

    Wondered if anyone could help.  We have had struggles recruiting a Quality Manager.

    Could anyone recommend a good head-hunter or agency who specialises in the recruitment of Quality / Manufacturing candidates?

    Thank you


  • Working in Canada

    Good Afternoon,

    Not sure if this is the correct forum, however just in case anyone is able to help :)

    We are looking to start up a business in Canada, however to do so in Alberta we need to have a resident to be director.  We have an employee we will head…

  • RE: Are there any universities in the USA affilliated or accredited by the CIPD

    Hi Dianne,

    Yes, I had the same issues as I am responsible for our offices in Texas. I joined SHRM online I found this site helpful. I know they do training too. They have forums too and provide templates / advice / blogs etc.

  • RE: Sage HR and Sage Payroll

    Hi Julia,

    We have both, however we were unable to connect both so we are working independently - something to do with our IT systems. We did however, take an export of the information from SAGE payroll and uploaded to SAGE HR when I first start to avoid…
  • RE: Apprentices in HR

    As Ellie mentioned our company went down the apprenticeship business administration route with my current HR Administrator (Since promoted to this role).

    We advertised with our local schools / colleges and had a good response. Starting as an apprentice…
  • Re: Remotely Working in Brazil

    Thanks Robert for the advice.

    Our Senior Manager has already stated that the individual will soon receive a contract of employment stating the benefits they would receive.  Yes, without consulting the joys.......

    Additionally the US visa that they wish…