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  • RE: Paying Support Staff during Closure

    Thanks Emma, I have been scanning the GB and couldn't find the information so appreciate you pointing me to 10.9. So it seems support staff are eligible for pay during closure due to infectious diseases.

    Our problem will be, as you say, that the…
  • Paying Support Staff during Closure

    I know that teachers should be paid during school closures according to the BB but can't find anything in the GB which also confirms this.  I believe it would be unfair to pay teachers and not support but need some advice please.  Also if schools are…

  • DBS checking original certificates

    Can I please ask what other schools do in relation to checking original DBS certificates which I know we are now obliged to do. 

    We do this for all staff but not sure how this works with contractors/visitors.  Should we be checking all these certificates…

  • RE: Teacher changing to mornings only (FT to PT hours)

    Hi Nina, thanks for your response. I am meeting the teacher tomorrow and know she will ask about parent's evenings (and any other 'outside of hours' activity) and how this works with her pro-rated hours. What would your normal practise be in this case…
  • RE: Teacher changing to mornings only (FT to PT hours)

    Thanks Keith, it does sound an obvious question and you are right to suggest that it is dependant on teaching requirements but thought I would check what others do as schools are so different to any other establishment:)
  • Teacher changing to mornings only (FT to PT hours)

    Hi, looking for some advice.

    Currently our FT teachers work from 8:30am to 15:30 with 30 minutes for lunch, so 6.5 hours per day, 32.5 hours per week. 

    A teacher has requested a change in hours to mornings only and I am wondering how others calculate this…

  • RE: Mismatch of information during recruitment process

    Thank you all for your responses. I am happy to hear that you are in agreement with getting her back in and am working with her to at least try to understand where she has been working (or not). I am conscious of the ADHD diagnosis which could be considered…
  • Mismatch of information during recruitment process

    Hoping for some advice please.

    We advertised a Midday role, received one application who was interviewed by 2 colleagues. 

    They wanted to offer as felt that she would be a good fit for the team etc ; so I made a few further checks and discovered that there…

  • Performance Reviews - dual roles

    Morning, looking for some advice regarding employees in Schools who are currently working 2 (or 3) roles and the performance review process.  Can you please let me know how how you manage this process as am sure having 2/3 meetings is not really the answer…

  • RE: Overseas Police Checks

    Hi Kimberley would you be able to send me a copy of your declaration as would like to use this in within our processes