• RE: Gender options

    Hi Leanne, welcome to the boards.
    I think you need to ask yourself why you are asking for gender information at the application stage. Your role may require you to only consider people of a specific sex but if this is not the case then it is irrelevant…
  • RE: Accurate?

    I don't disagree with you Keith. In an ideal world all Managers would heed advice and follow procedures put in place but .. and it is a big BUT .. sometimes managers just don't want to slow down and do it properly. HR then has no choice but to sort…
  • Accurate? (Squid Game analogy)

    With credit to Suzie Bogle who posted this on LinkedIn.  I haven't watched Squid Game as I have an aversion to gore.  But this represents my life in HR far too often.  Does this resonate with anyone else?

  • RE: ADVICE needed - People skills and conflict

    This person knows how to behave - they can communicate with clients very effectively. I wonder if this is an attitude issue? Clients = important = professional behaviour. Colleagues = not so important = I don't need to make an effort to be polite.…
  • RE: Feeling lost

    Hi Cheryl, you say that the majority of HR is outsourced - is there a possibility that you can convince the company that they can reduce the amount they outsource and therefore reduce their outsourcing costs? Could you identify a few tasks that you…
  • RE: sick

    I wasn't suggesting the validity of the sick note was dependent on her nationality. Merely that her nationality might explain her presence in Poland outside of it being a holiday.
  • RE: sick

    A lot will depend on her circumstances. Is she Polish or have Polish family? She appears to have been off sick for some time so could she have gone home to be looked after?
    It will also depend on the nature of her illness. For example, if it is depression…
  • RE: sick

    Hi Gaynor,
    You may be making an unwise assumption that your employee is on holiday just because they are in Poland. They could have fallen ill whilst away and be unable to travel home. This would be a legitimate reason to be absent and be in another…
  • RE: DBS contract clause

    From our Engineer's contract:

    5.1. Your role may require you to come into contact with elderly and or vulnerable persons of any age. Accordingly, if applicable, it will be a condition of your employment that…
  • RE: Questionable professional conduct from my current employer

    I agree with Sam. I would definitely raise a grievance. The trainer's behaviour is unprofessional and needs to be addressed.

    You can then move on with your head held high and make the most of your new opportunity.

    Congratulations on the new job…