• RE: France - how to monitor daily/weekly rest breaks

    Thanks Ray. I think there must be a market out there for an app to manage this in more technology enabled way! Filling in spreadsheets when you are frequently travelling will always be a bind. Being home based makes it impossible to have an electronic…
  • RE: France - how to monitor daily/weekly rest breaks

    Proposal is by email to the HR team after approval by the manager
  • France - how to monitor daily/weekly rest breaks

    We have an organization of 10 employees in France - 100% cadres, 50% home based, 100% with significant business travel and working time expressed in days.  We do not have an electronic time and attendance system.

    Is it therefore inevitable that we need…

  • How to implement Corporate Policies in multiple European entities

    I would be interested to understand how other companies implement Corporate Policies (assume US origin) in European entities.  For example this could be a Corporate Policy on IT Security.  Assume that this Policy would be translated where required, compliant…

  • Monitoring daily rest breaks in France

    We have approx 10 employees employed by our French entity.  All are cadre status and most of them travel extensively inside and outside France.  Is it mandatory to have a process (e.g. badging system) to demonstrate compliance with the requirement for 11…

  • HR Mergers & Acquisition training

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a training programme that may be available for HR M&A training (covering elements such as due diligence, cultural diagnostics, integration, cross-border special issues etc)?  I am familiar with the programme run…

  • Data Protection

    I am looking for a recommendation for a training course provider on The General Data Protection Regulations coming into force in 2018.  This is particularly in the context of data transfers outside the European Union. 

  • Comparing Employment Costs across Europe

    Could anyone recommend an external data source or existing published data that compares labour costs (salaries + employer social costs) across the different countries in Europe? 

    Many thanks



  • Switzerland - EU ruling on Company Lease Cars & Frontalier Employees

    As I understand this, Swiss Employers are facing a Customs tax on company cars provided by Swiss leasing companies to their Frontalier employees if they want their employees to be able to use their company car for private use in the EU.  For example this…

  • Relocation expenses France

    I am looking to find out which relocation expenses (e.g. shipping, temporary accommodation, schooling) are allowable, whether limits apply in France and associated tax issues.