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  • Employment Law forum not working?

    When I click on the Employment Law forum it sometimes takes me back to

    Is there an issue with the forums?


  • RE: CIPD Employment Law helpline

    Kindly following up on this. Anyone?
  • RE: CIPD Employment Law helpline

    So it's per call not topic?

    I brought up two topics in a call and it was logged as two instead of one.
  • CIPD Employment Law helpline


    Is the annual entitlement of 20, per call or per topic? says its per call but advisers say its per topic.

  • UK employee working in the US

    Hi all,

    One of our UK employees has for the last year been working in our US office on an ongoing basis.

    I was wondering if its right that this employee has a UK contract with a US home address and following all UK employment rights?

    This was set up by…

  • RE: Should we start a new group for discussing 'HR Software'?

    I think it's a good idea to have another forum category for it, but in my opinion member only, to stop spammers plugging their products
  • RE: Masters Degree in HR or CIPD 5 or 7 Diploma?

    I would do the level 5 diploma. Then in future after gaining more experience you can do level 7. I rarely see HR Manager/Advisor job adverts requiring a masters, it's mostly level 5 CIPD.
  • Complex language and jargon in Factsheets/CIPD text

    Sometimes I will read the Factsheets for areas of HR that I'm new to but I find that some text is generally written in a way that's difficult to understand unless you are already familiar with the subject or read it about 10 times. Can the Factsheets…

  • RE: UK company doing business in France

    We registered as a foreign employer and employed cadres. It is expensive hiring in France. After paying all employer obligations such as social security, medical insurance, prevoyance, pension, this totalled around 40% on top of the gross pay. The biggest…