• RE: HR Masters

    Hi Matthew.
    Good luck with the Masters. My advice for this and the HR career would be to read as much as possible. I completed a Masters and all the reading helped. I read law updates, general business news etc. I would also recommend you join as…
  • RE: CIPD Lecturing/Tutoring

    Thank you for the information. From what you have both said, I think it is a good idea for me to focus on getting as much experience as I can. I have 5 years HR experience at Assistant and Advisor level and also a Masters degree in HR. My first degree…
  • RE: CIPD Lecturing/Tutoring

    Thank you for the information.
    It's something that I am very interested in doing. I have done an MA in HRM and also CIPD up to Level 5. I am starting Level 7 soon.
    With regards to experience, I have about 3 years experience at Advisor level.
  • CIPD Lecturing/Tutoring

    Good Afternoon,

    I am looking for some advice as to how to get into becoming a part time CIPD tutor.  There seem to be people that do this along side their full time HR role. 

    I am interested in what experience and qualifications are required for this.  I…

  • RE: First steps

    My own personal opinion is that the Masters helped me to get the job I wanted. I had a few years experience at the point, but the Masters did definitely help me. Everyone will have different experiences, but I am glad I did the Masters.
  • RE: CIPD branches

    Yes, we can attend. I have being attending lots, up and down the country. The ones I have attended have been happy to have people from outside the branch attend. There was one that we needed to go into Zoom "break out" rooms for the discussions…
  • RE: How to make HR interesting

    I'm not a consultant, so not sure how helpful my input will be. I have been attending a lot of Zoom meetings lately. I am finding them really interesting, I can communicate with a lot more people across the country.

    The presenters have been consultants…
  • RE: PHD ?!

    This is something that I have been very interested in doing. I was wondering how people were able to do it with a full time job. Not so much the research time, but the time at Uni for meetings etc.
  • RE: Switching to HR - Please I need your advice!

    I had 10 years working in back office customer service and then went into HR after redundancy.

    I did the CIPD Level 3 and 5 and then got a job as HR Administrator. I did Admin roles in HR to begin with. There aren't too many interships in me local…
  • RE: Are any other HR people feeling a bit lonely in all this :(

    Not self indulgent. Personally, I feel worried about it all. Its natural when we get so much news coverage about what is going on and we don't know when this will all end. I am dealing with queries about this for the majority of the day. and it's worrying…