• RE: Gradual reduction of Hours

    Thank you Keith, if the conversation doesn't lead to what the Exec Team have planned what would be the next course of action. Sorry I've not been involved in this situation and still learning in my standalone role (step up for me)
  • Gradual reduction of Hours


    Just need clarification that I am correct in the process I will be following:-

    Bit of background (apologies if long).

    We had an employee that put in a a flexible working request of their intention to reduce his hours over a period of time until they…

  • Independent Contractor Agreement

    Good afternoon,

    Is there anyone on here that would be able to check over and Independent Contractor Agreement to see if it is suitable and that we've not missed anything.

    It's for an ex US employee (ROI National) now living in the ROI but carrying…

  • RE: HR and Payroll System for a growing business

    I would recommend Natural HR also just finished implementing and the automation and workflows for certain processes have made then so much quicker and less labour intensive :-)

    The Payroll Integration side is not available right now but I believe it…
  • Job Evaluation & Market Pricing Advice


    I work for a small Technology form with 102 employees covering UK, ROI, US & Canada.

    I have been asked to carry out a compensation audit and I have never been involved in the process before. I'm new-ish to a HR Standalone role from an admin background…

  • RE: Moving to a standalone HR role from a big corporate HR team...

    I moved from and admin role (with level 5) wanting that next step (thinking it would be advisor level) and managed to secure a standalone HR Associate role about 18 months ago now. Mainly brought on board to ensure that they're being compliant and to…
  • Compensation Audit Help


    I have been asked to look at carrying out a compensation audit for our UK, ROI and US based employees and also put together a guidance for Managers as part of in progress R&S Toolkit.

    We are an IT Software business, with Development, Sales, Marketing…

  • Capability - Demotion Option

    I wonder if you can help.  I have just outlined the Capability process to one of our line manager’s. 

    Their employee has a few issues performance wise and also an issue with not following a management instruction.  They have previously held a 360 review…

  • RE: Disciplinary v Capability

    Hi Keith

    They have been with the company quite a few years.... definitely over 2 years

    I was thinking of suggesting that the manager speaks with them informally first and if it carries on then they would go more formal.

    I will take a look at the…
  • Disciplinary v Capability

    We have a Manager that has been extravagant with expenses (team events) and has been made aware in the past but nothing in writing or formal.  We have an expenses policy that we can refer to.
    Also there has been recent general poor behaviour, …