• HRM in multinational enterprises and Comparative HRM

    Dear All, I am currently working on writting a critical review on an article redarding the topics HRM in multinational enterprises and Comparative HRM. Just wondering if anyone could suggest any 3 additional scholarly articles related to the main subjects…
  • Dissertation topics

    Hi All, Soon I will be starting my 4th year in BA Human Resource Management and I am already struggling with choising a topics for my dissertation. Any advice on how to make the right choise? I did a proposal last year but I am not too sure if the one…

  • RE: Cv's update

    Hi Ginnie, Only seeing your reply now & thank you so much for your offer and timing, it is very much appreciated. I will be emailing you later on today. thank you again Patrizia
  • Cv's update

    Hi All, I am on the process to reviews and update my CV for job's hunting - Just wondering if is there any HR professional I could ask for a general feedbacks on my Cv. I don't think CIPD offers any of this service as a such in their career support…
  • RE: Employee's perception of performance appraisals

    thanks for the advice. I had a look on their website and nothing has been uploaded yet .
  • Employee's perception of performance appraisals

    Hi All, currently working on an assignment based on the above topics. However, I am bit stuck on how to proceed. Anyone could advise any valid resources that I could use for it? I have to design and conduct a qualitative study exploring the topics..