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    Thanks for your advice.

  • Part-Time PhD?

    Hi all!


    Just looking for some advice.  I have been considering doing a PhD since completing my bachelors in 2013. At the time I decided against this as I wanted to get on the career ladder. Instead I went on to do a Masters in HRM 2 years later.  At that…

  • RE: PHD ?!

    Hi Bryanna!

    I understand your mind-set completely. I had considered doing a PHD since completing my bachelors in 2013. Since then I have gone on to complete a Masters in HRM and currently finishing a postgraduate certificate in Employment Law. I do…
  • RE: Are any other HR people feeling a bit lonely in all this :(

    I will do Peter. Always useful to be armed with the right piece of legislation. Thank you :)
  • RE: Are any other HR people feeling a bit lonely in all this :(

    It is incredibly comforting to hear about others in the community going through the same issues! The last 3 weeks have been mad. In my workplace they decided to ramp up recruitment. There was a stage when a fifth of the workforce were off on short…
  • RE: HR & Law, Should they be combined?

    Hi Simon,

    I am on the same boat. Like you I also gained my masters in HRM a few years ago. Over the course of my studies, I developed a fair knowledge of employment law. However, over the last couple of years I have increasingly encountered a number…
  • NI Employment Law Course?

    Having gained my masters in HRM a few years ago,  I am keen to study once again.  I am interested in learning more about employment law in Northern Ireland.  We did touch on this in my masters but a large part of the law we leant was general GB employment…

  • Online HR Advice Service - Northern Ireland

    Hi all! Hoping someone will be able to help with this! Would anyone know of an online HR advice service like Croner but targeted towards NI law? We currently use Croner but find it not completely relevant to us as aspects of employment law are not…
  • RE: Student to Associate membership

    ... and it still doesn't come up in the forums as 'associate'!