• Performance Management & Career Development Program

    i have few questions that i am looking for answers:

    1. Do performance Appraisals & Career Development Programs fall under Performance Management Systems?

    2. I am looking for resources from the CIPD which shows the difference between PA & CDP, appreciate…

  • Employees at same level

    I need an advice from HR perspective, if there are 2 employees with the same level and only one of them will have to advance.

    Based on what is the decision taken on who is to move forward? In a fair and professional way.

  • RE: awareness of organization values through boards

    thank you paul. but what are the best practices in embedding values in employees? through what ways?
  • awareness of organization values through boards

    we have just endorsed our strategy and values a month ago. 

    our top management suggested the awareness of those values through a board where all values and initiatives are listed down.

    does anyone have implemented such boards that could provide me with…