• Home working - Colleagues working from each others homes

    Hi all


    Your thoughts and opinions very much welcome.

    We have picked up a trend of employees holding meetings at, or working from, each other’s homes.

    They all have an office based but are allowed occasional home working (with manager approval)…

  • RE: HR myths

    I once had a manager insist that because we had made a reasonable adjustment to support an employee with a disability to remain in work that we had to make the same adjustment for all other employees (disability or not) otherwise we were discriminating…
  • RE: Reputational damage and suspension

    Thanks Keith.
    I think unfortunately there has been a trail of similar incidents in the past (no not overheard by an external partner) that a different manager has failed to deal with, and the current manager wants to seize on this opportunity to make…
  • Reputational damage and suspension

    I would be interested in your opinions on the following scenario….

    Colleagues have represented the organisation at an event and stayed at the venue for the evening afterwards.

    Over dinner (and alcohol) the 3 colleagues were discussing work and…