• RE: Christmas party 2021?

    Thanks everyone for your thoughts. Realistically I don't think we can do a party this year, but we're getting quite negative views from shop floor staff that there's now a big divide between them and office-based staff because of the covid rules, and…
  • RE: Christmas party 2021?

    Last year we gave everyone vouchers to the equivalent of the cost per headcount, which went down well at the time but the appetite feels very different this year.
  • RE: Christmas party 2021?

    Thanks Steve but we're in Scotland so different rules/plans.
  • Christmas party 2021?

    Hi all,

    I'm wondering what everyone else is doing in terms of a Christmas party this year? 

    I'm in a traditional manufacturing environment,the majority of staff are not PC-based for their role so online events don't really work for us as a company…

  • RE: Survey on flexible working

    Hi Fiona,

    I'm currently running a survey on hybrid working. I've asked everyones preference between home/ office working, where they feel more productive, whether colleague relationships have improved or suffered, whether decision making is quicker or…