• RE: The term "BAME"

    Hi Peter, in response to your first post, targets being set is just one part of the plan which includes a range of aspects to help our organisation progress and become more inclusive for everyone (not just ethnicity) from evidence and recommendations…
  • The term "BAME"

    Hi Everyone,

    We are currently writing an equality, diversity and inclusion plan and in that we are setting targets to improve our diversity in respects to staff from ethnic minorities. Throughout the plan we have used the term BAME, however I am aware…

  • RE: HRIS and payroll recommendations

    Thanks so much Claire, we are around 110 staff. I've used PeopleHr before and I like it a lot and I think it can be linked to Sage (but not sure), be interested to see how you go with the other companies so keep me posted.
  • HRIS and payroll recommendations

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm looking for recommendations on a HR system which also does payroll.

    The HR system needs to have ATS and performance included.

    I work for a medium sized charity so cost is obviously an issue.

    Would love to hear your recommendations…