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  • RE: Unit 1 - Developing Professional Practice Help

    Hi Rasa,

    A project is defined as being a series of tasks that need to be completed in order to reach a specific, defined outcome. So, think of a project as stepping stones from A to B - where B is the completed project.

    A project doesn't have to be…
  • RE: Gender pronouns, using them or not?

    Hi Nina,
    I still use them, but on forms, etc, they're optional. I have found that despite the current headlines, most people are more than happy to be a [insert pronoun here]. There seems to be a much bigger problem with Mrs/Ms/Miss - women wanting or…
  • RE: Religious Holidays

    Hi Stacy,

    Why not ask the followers of the other religions working with you if they would give input into this? Or, if you don't have any such followers, ask an appropriate outsider (eg: the local Rabbi) if they would help. Don't forget though that there…
  • RE: Teacher Holiday Entitlement for Fixed Term Employee

    Hi Ali,

    As an ex-teacher, I have to say that not paying for the holiday in an example like this is very, very common - indeed almost the norm. Likewise, if someone wasn't starting till the start of a term it's rare that a school would pay for the holiday…
  • RE: Would this be the right move?

    Hi Kimberley,

    I think you've answered your own question: "I am ready to develop, and there are no opportunities to do so in the team I am currently in".

    Personally, I have found that in smaller companies some form of involvement in payroll…
  • RE: HR Support

    Find another job. They won’t change and NOTHING is worth risking your health.

    I’m sorry if that sounds blunt, but I’ve been there and it’s just not worth it. Sending (((Big hugs))), you sound like you need them.
  • RE: Sick Absence and Recruitment measures

    Dear ‘Student Member’,

    Look up Bradford Scale. Not difficult to understand, just long-winded to write here.

    By the way, why the anonymous name? We’re quite a friendly bunch here and don’t bite ... much :)
  • RE: Professional indemnity

    Thanks Robey,

    Yes, it confused me as well as I've always understood it to be that the company covered you. I've no idea why she had it, but you know how it is when someone's convinced - it makes you question yourself.

    I guess the insurance…
  • Professional indemnity

    At a completely HR-unrelated event I got talking to a fellow HR professional. We got on to the subject of professional indemnity - yes, the event was that exciting!

    Cut a long story short she was surprised I didn’t have it, I was surprised that she did…

  • RE: Ideas to celebrate Diwali in a small company

    Hi Agni,

    It might be worth having some sort of explanation as to what Diwali is, sometimes when you have a large majority of understanding it's easy to forget that others may not know about it.