• RE: Anyone selling Level 7 books?

    That would be brilliant, thank you. I can't seem to find you to PM you though. Could you PM me and I'll reply
  • Reporting a member / PM?


    How do I report a member for a PM? In the forum there is a 'report abuse' button, but not in PMs.

    (It's not abusive, but an essay mill advertising their services to me, so obviously inappropriate and shouldn't be a member).

  • RE: Anyone selling Level 7 books?

    Hi Claire - That's very kind of you, thank you.
    I'm not sure which specific books as yet as I've only just signed up for the course, but I'm starting with the Resourcing and Talent Management module, so if you have anything for that I would really…
  • RE: Career Advice

    Two months isn't that long. there's huge competition for entry level HR roles but like the lottery says, you've got to be in it to win it. Don't get disheartened. It might be worth getting someone to check your CV if you aren't getting many interviews…
  • Anyone selling Level 7 books?


    I'm struggling to find affordable second-hand Level 7 textbooks - anyone got any for sale?


  • RE: Career Advice

    I think you need to just keep at it - I know it's disheartening but there's a lot of applicants. Is there any way that you could get involved with some HR type work where you are so you could include these in your CV?
  • Level 7 optional units

    Good morning,

    Has anyone got any feedback on the optional units for Level 7 - any you loved, any you hated, how useful have you found them at work? Any combinations which work well or don't work well? I'm trying to pick my four and can't make my mind…

  • RE: Qualified, Competent, Capable and Able but...

    I also have a slightly odd CV as I career changed into HR and my job title was HR Administrator even though I was doing an Advisor role. I struggled to move on to an official Advisor job, even though I was getting interviews, and realised I was never…