• D&I Benchmarking survey

    Hi all

    I've taken on a D&I role at my Company and I'd like to start with a D&I survey to all employees. I think it would be a good idea to assess where we are starting before taking any action.

    Could anyone recommend a good D&I survey provider…

  • RE: PHD ?!

    This is definitely an interesting alternative route - thank you for sharing! My concern is the same, I'm not sure if it will benefit my career as I too have no interest in becoming a teacher or researcher (at the moment anyway).
  • RE: PHD ?!

    Hi Teresa
    Thank you very much for your insight, it is interesting to hear that the doctorate sucked the joy out of learning for your partner- I will definitely take everything into account before making a decision. I actually hadn't thought about another…
  • RE: PHD ?!

    Hi Helen
    That is really helpful thank you. It is encouraging that you were able to work and have a life too! I'll certainly get in touch soon - thanks again!
  • PHD ?!

    Hi all - hope you are all keeping safe.

    I am coming to the end of my Level 7 (part-time) and I am considering a PHD. I have done a lot of online research surrounding a PHD but I'm looking for some real advice from some fellow professionals that have…

  • RE: Technology - Friend Or Foe Of Employment Relations? (Level 7 Assignment)

    Hi Steve! I have indeed. Part of the new Employment Relations module in Level 7 requires a blog to be posted online for others to comment. Care to share a thought or two on the above? :)
  • Technology - Friend Or Foe Of Employment Relations? (Level 7 Assignment)

    Dunlop’s system theory (1958) describes how industrial relations is a sub-system dependant on technology, markets and economic power and distribution. There are three groups of actors described in the system theory and these are managers, organisations…

  • RE: Level 7 module assignment help!

    Hi Matthew,

    I am currently completing year 2 of the level 7. Could you explain a bit more about the ODD module?
  • RE: Group Assessments

    Hi David. The desired outcomes and observations would be similar to any group assessment - to be able to observe team work, collaboration, communication, assertiveness, leadership, differing personalities.
  • RE: Group Assessments

    Hi Cass, this is really helpful thank you.