• RE: How to specialise in employment law

    Hi Peter,
    It is something I came across when researching how to specialise (link here - www.cilex.org.uk/.../employment_law)
    Seeing as you don't recognise it maybe suggests it is not too reputable?
    Doing the CIPD/an LLM, would that allow me to practice…
  • RE: Getting into HR in France

    Hi Ray - thank you so much for this response!
    I was looking at masters in France for RH during my degree and applied to a few - I was accepted by 2 but decided not to go for it in the end due to personal circumstances but the passion to go to France is…
  • RE: Getting into HR in France

    Hi Jenny, thank you for your reply.
    My French is rusty but advanced I would say... I studied in the French part of Switzerland for a year so I would hope it would come back to me but I think the company I apply to would have to be accepting of that (if…
  • How to specialise in employment law

    Hi there,

    I graduated with a law degree last year, with a particular interest in employment law - taking advanced modules and writing my dissertation on topics in employment law.

    I did not want to pursue the LPC as I only want to pursue employment law…

  • Getting into HR in France

    Hi there,

    I graduated last year with a law degree in the UK and am now on a fixed contract as an HR assistant in an international company, supporting both UK and European employees.

    I really want to go to France to experience work over there and improve…