• RE: Question about breaking fast during Ramadan

    Hi Annabel

    As a HR professional and someone that practices the faith, I can confirm that the fast should be broken at the time of sunset. The time changes each day, and gets later towards the end of Ramadan. Sometimes it is not always possible to break…
  • ER casework / HR advisor

    Hi guys,

    Any suggestions as to how I can proceed with securing a HR advisor role from a HR coordinator. I am currently working towards a junior HR advisor level and striving to get to HR advisor level. (Cipd level 5 certified).

    I need practical ER experience…

  • RE: Starting out in HR with CIPD qualification

    Struggling to secure HR advisory role with my minimum experience. Help!
  • RE: HR Standalone role

    Standalone roles are by far the best! You have ownership and autonomy over your own workload. There’s more respect from staff members towards yourself as the HR professional.