• Settlement agreement

    I have a situation and I was hoping someone could provide some clarification on:

     We (My employer) are currently in the process of conciliation with an employee. A settlement agreement has almost been reached but one of the requests the employee has is…

  • RE: Coarse and inappropriate behaviour in the workplace

    Sorry for delay in responding. They were embarrassed but received the informal discussion in a positive way and has improved their personal behaviour etc.
  • Improving my HR prowess!

    I have a CIPD qualification which was studied to Masters Level.  Although I have been dipping in and out of HR through Operational Management roles, I am very rusty in certain aspects and would like to develop my knowledge and skill set within my current…

  • RE: Coarse and inappropriate behaviour in the workplace

    Hi Katrina, the issue was raised informally with the person who took the comments in a constructive manner and although it was a difficult conversation, it was resolved amicably, I am pleased to say. Thanks to everyone for their input.
  • RE: Coarse and inappropriate behaviour in the workplace

    Only 3 years but I believe their behaviour has become progressively worse over the last 6 months. It has been addressed informally as mentioned. Thank you for your input. Much appreciated. 

  • RE: Inappropriate behaviour in the workplace.

    It seems that they have always been like this ( I am new to the business) but your point could certainly be valid. Thank you.
  • Coarse and inappropriate behaviour in the workplace

    Our team of staff have approached their senior manager to complain about a middle manager and their behaviour.

    It surrounds different aspects of farting and belching in front of both the staff and clients, leaving the toilet in a terrible state and rendering…

  • RE: Disciplinary Advice.

    Thank you all for your input and advice.
  • Disciplinary Advice.

    A member of our team is an administrator on a closed FB group associated with their speciality. Their line manager who is part of the group discovered that they had shared a document over 12 months ago which at the time was created by them under her MD…