• RE: Long Service Awards

    We have introduced a 20 year service honour board which has gone down very well
  • Reward and Recognition

    Hi everyone, I work in a school and looking into a reward and recondition programme for staff. Obvs budgets are tight but wondered if any of you have such a programme at your school, and if so what do you do in terms of reward and what types of recognition…
  • RE: Teacher Holiday Entitlement for Fixed Term Employee

    Thanks Louise, the teacher is filling in for a term as we are short staffed, but requested to finish earlier than the end of term as had a holiday booked. Does that make a difference?
  • Teacher Holiday Entitlement for Fixed Term Employee

    Hello, I hope you can help me - I'm relatively new to schools and teachers terms and conditions and have a question.

    If a teacher works just shy of a term on a fixed term contract, does anyone know if they are entitled to extra holiday pay other than…

  • RE: School Workforce Census

    Hello, I have found that they are requiring support staff to be now recorded as 'other support staff' (I'm sure they just make these things up to keep us busy!)
  • RE: HR Database Software in Schools

    Hi Nina,
    Thank you so much for your reply. Yes, I would be really interested in talking to you further about this especially the talking to ISAMs bit - I have just had a quick look on NaturalHR and the website doesn't really sell itself without booking…
  • HR Database Software in Schools


    I work in a school which uses ISAMs for it's HR software (mainly as the school uses it for all their student data) however it is very clunky to use and near impossible to do any useful HR reports.

    I was wondering if anyone uses a HR specific…

  • Continuous Service

    I wondered if anyone could help  with a basic question which we are getting in a muddle with. This is to do with continuous service for teachers. 
    We are trying to pin down a set of rules to follow, but all the advice and rules we have read are giving differing…