• RE: Work Experience

    Hi Jack,
    Similarly to you I tried to contact various companies late last year to gain voluntary experience within their HR department when starting my Masters but found it a real struggle with the majority turning me down and a few seemingly interested…
  • RE: HR Volunteering - Weekends?

    Hi Nina,
    Thanks for the reply. I would definitely be interested in helping out where I could; the only thing which makes me hesitate is not knowing if I would have the knowledge base to suggest updates to policies?
  • RE: HR Volunteering - Weekends?

    Thanks Paul, they sound like really worthwhile opportunities; I'll keep an eye out for anything local.
  • HR Volunteering - Weekends?

    Hi All,

    Guessing this will be a bit of a long shot but worth a try...

    I started a HR Masters last year looking for a career change and after initially struggling to get a HR Assistant job without experience (I really tried to get voluntary experience…

  • RE: How did you get into HR/ get your first role?

    Thanks for all of the replies... it's interesting to hear how everyone got into the profession although honestly it can be disheartening to hear that a lot of people seem to stumble into HR by chance.
    I feel like i'm getting nowhere as i'm currently…

  • How did you get into HR/ get your first role?

    Getting into HR seems to be IMPOSSIBLE!

    Just wondering how everyone got started - undergraduate degree or another route?


  • Struggling to find a voluntary HR opportunity for experience & development?

    Hi All,

    I have just recently started a Masters in Human Resource Management with The OU and joined as a CIPD Student Member.

    I currently work full time but not in a HR role; which is what i'm aiming for as I progress through the course. I have applied…