• Successful engagement initiatives -Let me hear your voice!

    Dear all, 

    starting my MBA project about the anticipated strategic outcome of the set engagement initiatives post a survey that I launched with my team in December 2020. 

    Having swiped through a few research papers/ topics on the CIPD website, does anyone…

  • RE: How do I get there?

    Hello Sobia, I suggest that you move onto a CIPD Level 7 classification now, since you obtained the basics in your past 2 years, it may be time to challenge yourself and your mind. This will provide you with the relevant insights, knowledge, practices…
  • RE: Accredited HR Masters recommendation

    Thank you very much for your input Jim, I think I will proceed with OE for DL options.
  • RE: Accredited HR Masters recommendation

    Thank you very much for the feedback Lisa, having reviewed the Open University website, this seems to be most the sensible option. Just on another note, how long did it take you to complete the MBA?
  • Accredited HR Masters recommendation

    Dear all, 

    your valuable input, recommendations are required. I have completed my level 7, CIPD course in 2010, obtained my chartered membership status in 2013.

    As I am currently in a career break due to a relocation to Doha, Qatar I am keen to use my…

  • RE: Qatar HR Meets / CPD Events

    Hello Nicola, is the email address still valid, as I did not receive a response?
  • Comment on 'How to’ guides and toolkits

    Agree, a visual decision tree may be useful to illustrate and guide everyone in the thought process or even challenge it by showing some other options.

  • Employment law updates: CBA collective bargaining agreements EU

    Dear all, 

    in order to reduce the increasing legal fees, I would appreciate if anyone could direct to websites, recommendations in order to obtain the most recent CBA for the pharmaceutical industry situated in

    1. Italy

    2. France

    3. Sweden 

    Equally does anyone…