• RE: A CIPD Member... but 'locked out' of some forums?

    Hi Steve,
    I am an associate member and have the same query.
    Hoping to have access soon.
    Thank you.
  • RE: References- How far can we go with them?

    Hi Elizabeth,
    No, we tried to do a couple but didn't get much out of it, as the employees gave "personal reasons" for resignation.
  • References- How far can we go with them?

    Hello All,

    Being a HR professional, we are entitled to get and give references in the recruitment field.

    Can anyone give me the guidelines on how much and what to include in a reference letter/form and the real purpose of getting reference please?

    The reason…

  • RE: HR in a construction company

    Hi Nick,
    This is fantastic, yiu have been performing a lot of HR activities in 3 months. I have learnt how to identity the problem areas and approach respective team members through the responses from community members. Yours is helpful in thinking…
  • RE: HR in a construction company

    Hi Steve,

    Thank you for a warm welcome!
    I am feeling great being a part of this community.

    I attended a CIPD conference few months ago and heard that most of the construction company think the same way. So one thing I am sure is that "Its not going…
  • RE: HR in a construction company

    Hi David,

    Thank you so much for your advise. I totally agree with you. Trying my best to be a part of the team as much as I can.

    It just becomes hard when you feel you are ignored.

    But, I will not give up and take this as a challenge.

    Thank you once…
  • RE: HR in a construction company

    Sorry its because "they think they dont need an Hr"
  • RE: HR in a construction company

    Hi Keith,

    Thank you for your reply.
    I have started that, but becuase they think they need an HR. I am not listened at all. The board does not have time for HR. Whenever i say i need to have a meeting for HR related issues. They either delay or cancel…
  • HR in a construction company

    Hello All,

    I work for a construction company since 2 years, although it is a 30 yrs old company, I struggle to be recogonised as the only HR  here. I have completed my CIPD level 5 in June. 

    Now, with the help of my course and from the available wealth…

  • RE: Proposal for HR Officer In Current Employment

    Hi Adam,
    U have enrolled for level 3 is already a great start! Congrats and wish u good luck.
    I also started for a company at a similar stage as yours. Let me tell you the fact, it is not going to be easy to bring in a HR process ( Formally) but you…