• DIsciplinary procedure or absence capability route?

    Hi All,

    I'm interested in how other companies deal with absence issues - whether it is via the disciplinary procedure (for short term unrelated absences) or via an absence procedure for related but sporadic absences.

    Do you use the disciplinary procedure…

  • Chat bot

    Hi All,

    I wonder if any of you have implemented a Chat bot for your HR functions?  If so, what value did you get from it?  What was the usage rate, what kind of FAQs did you build in, did it reduce the volume of calls / emails received? Any information…

  • Employment references - what value are they?


    We issue approx 300 new contracts a month and generally request 2 references per new hire.  However, the response rate is only 19%, many references are factual only stating only the dates of employment.  6% of the 19% that responded were poor references…