• Diversity Strategy for a Resourcing Unit

    Hi there, 

    I am looking for examples of a Diversity strategy for our Resourcing Unit. We are currently focusing on talent attraction from a more diverse range of applicants (BAME community, Applicants with disabilities, Females for Senior Leadership positions…

  • Candidate Experience Feedback Form

    Hello Community, 

    I am looking for advice and examples of how companies seek feedback from candidates based on their Recruitment experience (from advert to onboarding)

    Any advice or guidance is much appreciated.

    Many thanks, Conor

  • Equality and Diversity strategies for Resourcing

    Hi there

    As a Resourcing Account Manager I have recently put my name forward to lead on an Equality and Diversity work stream for our Resourcing Hub. I am keen to hear of successful strategies used through the end to end candidate journey that have reached…

  • RE: HR Manager: Priorities for First 6 months in post

    Great thanks Keith. I am a Resourcing Account Manager so would support Units to recruit HR Managers and this is a task they would usually ask for advice on.
  • Overview of Legislation New to HR

    Could anyone provide an overview of the key legislation to be aware of for a new HR Professional please? For example 


    Equality Act?

    National Minimum Wage?

    Health and Safety?

    Many thanks Community


  • HR Manager: Priorities for First 6 months in post

    Hi there

    Keen to hear thoughts on this please? A question I get asked alot for new starters in HR Management.

    Many thanks


  • RE: HR Manager Interview

    Thanks for all your help and support Fiona
  • RE: HR Manager Interview

    Thanks so much for your help and support Keith
  • RE: HR Manager Interview

    Morning Fiona thanks so much for coming back. I did think it would be a task around the first 3-6 months. I had thought priorities would be meet my manager / senior leadership team, gain an understanding of short, medium long term goals. Visibility as…
  • RE: HR Manager Interview

    Hi Keith, many thanks for this - very helpful! Have you any experience of unseen presentations beforehand and what these COULD consist of?