• Diversity resource group - challenges - i need a D&I expert


    we have created a diversity group to help drive the culture of striving to better within diversity a common place within the business.

    we have had many positive outcomes come out of the group where many employees joined and voiced there views…

  • RE: CIPD anti-racism support/materials to use at work - what do you need?

    Hi need some advice.
    We where late to address the blm movement not because we don't care we have a diverse workforce and a zero tolerance for any discrimination. It was more that as a small business we are focused on making our way through covid so our…

  • RE: Redundancy

    Hi everyone i have a similar problem. We have 5 employees we are looking to make redundant and have been in talks about doing so prior to covid.

    I am arguing furlough as in this climate i think it the fairer option as they may find it difficult to get…