• RE: Background Screening in Poland

    Thank you Ray unfortunately the link appears to not be working.

    Regards, Suzy
  • Background Screening in Poland

    I would be interested to hear from anyone that operates in Poland and conducts background screening on their employees. We have recently set up an operation in Poland and I am getting conflicting information. I can find background screening companies that…

  • Redundancy process in France

    I am looking for some guidance on the process and timeline to follow for a redundancy of a single employee in France. Our contract with our client is expiring and the role that this employee does is ceasing. 

    As I understand it we must first call him (by registered…

  • RE: Data held outside EEA

    Hi Catherine, we also hold data outside the EEA, all our empoyees sign a consent form based on below:

    I consent to [ XXX Group Limited] and any Group Company including [ XXX Limited] (“the Company”) processing data which relates to me for legal,…