• RE: Interview follow-up protocol

    From my perspective, follow up from a candidate reinforces their interest and commitment to the job/company. It obviously meant a lot to them to perform well at the interview and show the best version of themselves.

    We can all have our off days and…
  • Value of L7 Advanced Awards to refresh knowledge?


    It's been over 10 years since I completed my HR qualification (L7) and with currently taking a career break, I am considering completing 1 or 2 L7 Advanced awards to update my skills and knowledge. 

    The following courses with ICS Learn have…

  • RE: Is recent experience really a must-have?

    Thanks Yamini. I am actively looking into returnships however there are limited opportunities for HR professionals. Programmes are mostly geared up to skills such as IT, law and accountancy.
  • RE: Is recent experience really a must-have?

    Thank you for the responses - confirmed my thinking and helped me set expectations.

    I think my action point is to extend and refresh my HR professional network which, I have a feeling, will be key to transitioning back into work along with direct applications…
  • Is recent experience really a must-have?

    "You will struggle to find a role as you do not have recent experience for the roles to which you're applying, hiring managers will give preference to someone already in work" 

    Been told this twice last week by two different recruiters -…

  • RE: Moving into teaching CIPD quals in FE

    Thank you, David. That's another interesting avenue for me to explore.
  • Moving into teaching CIPD quals in FE


    I am currently on a career break and considering what direction to take next in my professional life. 

    With a passion for learning and development, jobs teaching level 3 and 5 CIPD quals in local FE colleges have recently caught my eye.  The job…

  • RE: Discriminated against for being over qualified?

    Maybe more effective to draw on your professional networks to find your next role - the personal touch will allow you to fully articulate your motivations and underline your commitment. Could you get involved in local business events or CIPD branch to…
  • RE: Career break returner programmes

    Thanks for your reply, Elizabeth. I am actually looking for a scheme to join myself rather than designing one for an organisation (although I would happily lead a project to design one too if anyone is interested!).

    Interestingly, since I posted yesterday…
  • Career break returner programmes


    Is anyone aware of any returnship programmes that are specifically targeted at HR professionals returning to employment after a career break?

    I have found quite a few schemes that accommodate those with finance, legal and IT backgrounds but struggling…