• Job Titles

    Good morning

    I have been in the same job in a small company for the last 14years, my job title is 'Personnel Officer' which I believe is very dated.  I am just wondering what the difference between different job titles might be.

    Would someone like…

  • RE: Workplace Anxiety

    I am afraid Nitin, that I disagree with you as, in my experience, anxiety is more likely to destroy confidence and while may boost performance in a very short period...at what cost has this been achieved?
    We do not know what peoples ability to handle…
  • RE: References

    Hi Nina, just out of interest what type of questions do you ask? I am asking because I'm torn between 'keeping the company safe' and really basic answers and the fact that we have safeguarding responsibilities too.
    We are also a very small…
  • RE: Getting back into HR

    Hi Patricia, have you spoken to your local branch. They may have resources or help for you locally. I'm sure I recalled that my local branch offers some help.

    Good luck, I hope you find something soon.

  • RE: Google Review

    Thank you this was interesting...it has been left with the legal team...I think we should ask the lady to at least delete the names.
  • RE: Google Review

    Thank you.
    The review is not good but that is the nature of our business. We do need to protect our employees though.
  • RE: Google Review

    Thanks Steve, yes the client has written a review naming 2 employees. I am concerned with regards to our position in that we should and indeed want to protect them.
    It is natural that our 'clients' have 'negative feelings' against the Company and the…
  • Google Review

    Hi, I have just noticed that our business has just had a very bad Google Review.  In fact this is the first review we have received, its not something we solicit due to the confidential and sensitive nature of our work.

    Not being too 'techy', I am not…

  • RE: Can we promote on a trial basis?

    Thank you.
    I am sorry, I meant to say that it is the lady covering the mat leave who is feeling isolated not the lady on leave. We would like to help this lady see out her contract and for her to leave at the end of it, hopefully on good terms. What…