• RE: Getting into HR


    You've had some good advice on here, particularly with regards to building up a relationship with a good agency. That's a great start and I would echo that advice.

    You need a multi pronged approach though and I would suggest also…
  • RE: Career crossroads

    That's extremely helpful, thank you Ray
  • RE: Career Progression to HR Advisor


    You need to be selfish and grab as much as you can from others above you (HR Managers/BP's etc). There will be plenty of organisations out there willing to take on an Assistant for an Advisor role and expect to develop them but they will want…
  • RE: Career crossroads

    Hello all, thanks so much for all your replies. I have seen the 1 day course in OD which is definitely something I'll consider but I'm not sure how much I can get from a one day course?

    Ray, thanks for your detailed response. Number 1 would…
  • Career crossroads


    Hopefully you guys can help me!

    I've reached a bit of a crossroads in my career and I feel it's quite a critical point.

    I worked in generalist HR for 10 years primarily as a Business Partner - the last 4 - 5 years have been as an interim with…

  • Interviewing for a start up

    Hi all,

    I wasn't too sure where to post this, but I'm interviewing for a start up (due to launch early next year) and wondered what would be the best way to prepare for such an interview? 

    Many thanks for anybody's help!