• RE: Equal Opportunities Policy

    You will need two separtely thought out policies etc.,
    I assume the pupils won't one which covers recruitment & Interviewing procedures and vis a vis, staff won't need one which covers activities on the play ground? :-)
  • RE: Carer requesting no overtime

    I worked in an industry where overtime was regularily offered and worked. But not by me!!!! Unless an employer and employee agree otherwise I am a firm believer that the time outside contracted hours is the employees time and not the employer's to force…
  • RE: Claiming tax relief on professional fees

    I've claimed mine regardless of whether it was compulsory.

    Likewise I claimed for all my training courses in outdoor skills and subsequent first aid, mountain & canoeing qualifications when I worked in outdoor centres.

    The CIPD qualifications…
  • RE: Teacher not passing probation

    I would hate the idea that a teacher wants to teach but doesn't want to be kind - but then I've come across dozens of teachers who've managed to remain in employment and you've probably  explained why.

    Yes there is, I believe, a possible…

  • RE: HR interview

    Karen I'm puzzled to know how you are going to use a HR cartoon to break the ice at an interview?

    There were two or three Xmas caption competitions prior to xmas Some of the answers/cartoons lended themselves to HR topics.
  • RE: Training Accreditation

    A similar post came up a little while ago Bernard. You're always best to do a little search for the key words before you ask a question.
    But, I'd suggest finding a college/organisation who already offer the qualifications you want and/or finds out…
  • RE: Confidentiality

    Good point Victoria and well spotted.

    This may well happen when the shop floor staff have absolutely no respect for their managers, employers or the disciplinary procedures in force. And that is an issue which the company needs to take on board an…
  • Transphobia

    Two cases of interest recently.  One isn't directly an employment law issue but is closely related.

    1.  The  the ruling of Judge James Tayler

    An employment tribunal in London ruled that stating “gender-critical” beliefs—for instance, that the words…

  • RE: Confidentiality

    Welcome ro the community Shona!!

    I'm not sure thats a viable option though - regardless of policy. How will you prevent them from discussing it with each other?? Especially if they do it out of ear shot.  And what if they want to appeal?? 


  • RE: Confidentiality

    Have you read this thread?


    What are you going to do if they continue talking? Dismiss them all?