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  • Retail software with foreign currency option

    I want to ask about software, an HR platform similar to Access, but that also allows us to use foreign currency for shops abroad. I wondered if anyone had any experience of this that they might be able to share with me please? There is a lot of software…

  • HR roles

    Hi All,

    I have recently moved from the UK to Dubai and am CIPD member. Wonder if there is a way to get connected to HR professionals in Dubai and seek guidance in securing a suitable role in Human Resource Management.

    It will be fantastic to be signposted…

  • Proposing a "rhizomatic" approach to 21st-century HRM...

    Hi there,

    I'm currently writing my MSc HRM Dissertation on organisation agility, using the Covid-19 pandemic and adapting to disruption and continuous change as a case study to explore organisational agility. My dissertation seeks to use this as a basis…

  • HR Mentoring

    Hello Everyone, 

    I've been considering looking for a HR mentor, who would provide a wealth of knowledge and experience as well as guide through challenges.

    Does anyone have any advice on if this is a good idea? Any tips that would assist my search?…

  • Schrodinger’s HR Function - How can HR both exist and not exist at the same time?

    By David D'Souza, Membership Director at the CIPD

    Approximately once a year, media attention will alight on an organisation that has no HR function because ‘they don’t believe in that type of thing’
     or the CEO has had a bad experience…

  • Growing our community and working together

    Alexandra Carr, Community Lead, CIPD

    Growing and enabling our communities is part of our organisational strategy at CIPD and is essential  to meet our objectives in championing better work and working lives. Bringing together our internal teams and our…

  • Beginner to HR Workplace

    Hi! I am currently in my final year of studying Human Resource Management and was wondering if anyone had any helpful tips or advice on the progression of a successful HR career after graduating! It would be very helpful for me to decide what the best…

  • what are the potential issue with HR Software India

    what are the potential issue with HR Software India

  • What is the way to increase employee engagement with HR software?

    Hi everyone,
    First of all, I hope you’re all doing alright. What a crazy year. And what a crazy Q4! But if you’re reading this, you made it. Congrats

    Learning and development is a department of HR that has been shown to increase engagement.…

  • CIPD Level 3 HR Diploma Transfer

    I'm going to keep this long story short, so basically I enrolled to do a CIPD Level 3 HR Diploma with Avado eager to pursue a career in HR a few months ago. Due to bereavement and not being in the best mental state right now I'm looking to transfer my…

  • Level 7 certificate/ Diploma

    Hi guys 

    I was wondering, since I have very busy and demanding job, and 4 year old kid, would it be better for me to complete Level 7 Certificate and

    at the later date can I be converted to diploma if I will complete remaining 4 modules? 

    Do you think…

  • employment law level 7 assigment

    Hello all

    What structure are you using for employment law level 7 assigment

    For the first 2 questions, I was thinking I will bullet point each person, and summarise all employment law relevant cases for that person (following point 1 of specification…

  • Dissertation Survey Participants


    I am currently working towards my level 7 CIPD qualification as part of my HR masters at the University of Birmingham and I am currently completing my dissertation. This will be looking at the use of social media screening in recruitment and selection…

  • Role specific pay rates disclosure upon request - UK law?

    Dear all,

    I have a question that I have searched the web for an answer, but I seem to be unable to find one. 

    Imagine you are asked to release information regarding a specific role in your company, lets say IT administrator, and you have the following…

  • Re-thinking HR/L&D models to create thriving dynamics for the (digital) future of work


    I wanted to pose a few questions today:

    What do L&D and HR models need to transform into, to become more meaningful and cross-functional, unified platforms for a thriving (digital) economy and healthier corporate culture?  

    This was prompted by an…

  • Switching from HR to L&D

    2 elements to this discussion:

    1. Can you study an L&D apprenticeship standard course whilst already having a level 5 CIPD HRM diploma? The rule used to be that you couldn't study the same or lower level of the other branch if already studied one.…
  • Changing career into HR!

    Hi Everyone,

    I am considering changing career into HR. It's something I have been considering for some years but haven't taken the leap!

    My background is in Client management, internal audit and financial professional services and I currently…

  • How Can I Handle This Situation?

    My Dear Friends,

    I work in HR, and I have a coworker who works in a different department and shared with me his concerns. He feels insecure about his job as his Manager keeps telling him things that discourages him and kind of keeps him insecure about…

  • Proposal for HR Officer In Current Employment

    Morning all,

    I was wondering if any of you have experience in putting a proposal forward for a HR professional in your current workplace and some example/structure of how to do it. I currently work as an estate agent and do little bits that can be considered…

  • TOIL (Time off in Lieu)


    we are a small company a half of our people work on projects that require travelling. We are giving them TOIL for the extra days but we are having some issues as some people ask for more days and some are more reasonable. 

    We have general rules:

  • differences and similarities in HR Practices, policies in Scotland and England

    Hi there,

    I am looking forward to relocating to Scotland to pursue my work within HR systems and analytics. Although I am excited about this, I am also nervous as I am unsure of how much change I will face in my new environment with regards to HR policies…

  • I've been asked to write an article on personal values and corporate culture - thought I'd share it here!

    Hi all! I was asked to write the article below on ethics and corporate culture by my manager and thought I would share it here in case anyone finds it interesting. We're also holding a free panel discussion on the same topic in London at the end of the…

  • How did you get into HR/ get your first role?

    Getting into HR seems to be IMPOSSIBLE!

    Just wondering how everyone got started - undergraduate degree or another route?


  • Advice on starting a career in HR.

    Hello all, 

    I would like some advice on what is the best way to break into HR please. A little bit of back ground information about myself:

    I am turning 27, and I have no prior experience in HR. My university degree was in Interior design, and my previous…

  • Level 5, Unit 1 - Developing Professional Practice


    I was wondering if anyone has recently completed the above until and are able to help me?

    I'm after a bit of advise and guidance on how my submission should actually look - I'm struggling to get my head round it and any examples of work able to share…