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  • Teaching -> HR, Level 3 or 5?

    Hi Everyone,

    I have 15 years of experience in teaching where I have acquired HR relevant experience which will obviously transition best to L&D but also to ER. Until recently I was a Housemaster at a big independent school handling complex cases with…

  • Anti-racism 'training'

    I'm exploring how we can use learning and development to help embed our anti-racism strategy.  It's difficult to come up with an organisation-wide training session for something so complex and I am sensitive to the need to NOT treat this like it's…

  • Switching from HR to L&D

    2 elements to this discussion:

    1. Can you study an L&D apprenticeship standard course whilst already having a level 5 CIPD HRM diploma? The rule used to be that you couldn't study the same or lower level of the other branch if already studied one.…
  • Can you help me with my MSc HRD Research?

    Hi there, 

    My name is Adam and I am currently undertaking some qualitative research as part of my MSc in Human Resource Development. 

    I am looking to conduct some 60-90 minute interviews with individuals who took on their first managerial position, without…

  • UK Recruiters vs Prospective Employees with Foreign Qualifications.

    Dear CIPD community,

    My message addresses all HR and L&D practitioners that operate in the UK (this information is also applicable/viable to others), especially those who are involved directly or indirectly with the recruitment and selection and background…

  • L&D Qualification - Level 5+ - struggling to find providers

    Hi all,

    I am currently a Learning & Development Coordinator at a law firm. I've been here about 18 months now and I really enjoy it, but I would like to undertake a qualification in L&D to support me in my role as it develops. I am in a small 'train the…

  • Work Experience required in L&D

    Hi All,

    I'm currently studying a CIPD approved Level 3 Qualification in L&D and I'm looking for some relevant work experience within the field that has the potential of landing me a job in the future. 

    I run my own business whilst also occupying…

  • Moving from Dubai to London

    Hello All,

    I've recently completed my Master's degree in HRM with a Level 7 CIPD qualification. 

    All of my HR experience of ten years is based out of the UAE, but I made sure that my degree was from a renowned university in the UK so that when the…

  • Moving from recruitment to HR

    Hi Everyone!

    I was hoping for advice from HR practitioners. 

    I have worked in recruitment (high volume, supplying large warehouse with staff) for 10 years. Recently I did almost a year of “Movement to Work” and now I’m in Apprenticeship sector working…

  • Study leave

     We're committed to providing a solid L&D offer to our 68 employees but are unsure about what is an acceptable amount of study leave to include in our policy.  Anyone got any experience/thoughts please?
  • Foundation Diploma in Learning and Development Practice


    I'm looking to try and get in touch with others who are studying the Foundation Diploma in Learning and Development Practice.  I'm currently studying this distance learning through ICS (this was the easiest way for me to fit it in around my full time…