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  • Working Lives Scotland 2021

    By Marek Zemanik, Senior Public Policy Adviser

    The first Working Lives Scotland report was released three months after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. While it was already apparent that we were experiencing an unprecedented event, one year on we…

  • Final Stage of Disciplinary - Now advised of Mental Health

    Good Afternoon,

    We are currently going through a disciplinary process with one of our employees for lateness, sickness and general timekeeping. They are in the final stages and we were going to have a Disciplinary meeting yesterday (01/06/2021) to discuss…

  • Fairer workplaces for a fairer Scotland

    By Marek Zemanik, Senior Public Policy Adviser. 

    In just under 10 weeks, on 6th May 2021, people in Scotland will head to the polls to elect 129 new MSPs. It is fair to say, this election will be like no other election before it. We still face considerable…

  • The impact of COVID-19 on employee wellbeing in Scotland

    By Marek Zemanik, Senior Public Policy Adviser.

    As 2020 draws to a close, most of us will be looking back in disbelief and looking forward in hope. While the news of a vaccine rollout offers a genuine way out of the tunnel after months of restrictions…

  • National Stress Awareness Day

    By Rob Vondy, Head of Stress Policy at The Health and Safety Executive 

    As we recognise National Stress Awareness day, this anniversary is like no other given the impact of the global pandemic.

    Work-related Stress is a priority health topic for HSE and features…

  • Professional Citizenship Project


    I’m currently completing my Masters and need to do a Professional Citizenship project in order to pass one of the modules. 

    I’m firstly looking for ideas on what to do - but also if possible something that I could do despite major social anxiety…