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  • Working 9 to 5?

    By Jon Boys, Labour Market Economist, CIPD. 

    Recently I have heard a few references to the death of the 9 to 5 working arrangement. But how many people even do a 9 to 5? In this blog I show that most people do not work a typical 9 to 5. Defining the 9…

  • TOIL (Time off in Lieu)


    we are a small company a half of our people work on projects that require travelling. We are giving them TOIL for the extra days but we are having some issues as some people ask for more days and some are more reasonable. 

    We have general rules:

  • Working hours accrual confusion (term time only contract plus 4 weeks)

    Hi Everyone,

    Still trying to get my head around this one so hopefully this makes sense! (1st week in this role)

    I have a member of staff who is on a term time contract plus 4 weeks. They are due to go on maternity leave this November. 

    They started with…