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  • RE: Valuing people - Lesson 5: your reflections

     6 things wise leaders do to engage their employees (

    1. Stop unknowingly creating tension
    2. Detect the most positive capabilities in people
    3. Empower to discover potential
    4. Put them in a position of influence
    5. Share your success to build their mome…
  • RE: Valuing people - Lesson 3: your reflections


    Recently our group companies celebrated "Well Being" week. The focus is on physical and mental health. We have 2 yoga sessions and 2 JUMBA (physical exercises) classes. The employees felt relaxed. But, this mood faded away within…

  • What would your employees say about your training or management to a TV street reporter?

    Your views are appreciated - Would you cringe or be proud?

    Imagine the scene, You get home from work, and on the regional part of the news, you see a report where a street reporter approaches local people.

    You realise interviewer is talking to one of…

  • Appreciative Enquiry

    I have recently submitted an engagement strategy to our Board of Directors which was well received.  My next step is to run Appreciative Enquiry sessions with all departments across the business and was wondering whether anyone had run similar sessions…

  • Would you like a copy of our Smart Working Newsletter?

    Register here - beware - it's a little different to the norm!

  • Persuading Staff to Complete the Engagement Survey

    Hi Everyone, 

    A week on Monday my organisation will be releasing an engagement survey for staff. The company has never done anything like this before but it will be a huge benefit for us to develop going forwards. 

    Next week we want to do a count down and…

  • How can we design more engaging jobs? Please contribute to this research!

    Hello All!

    I'm an MSc student at University of Surrey Business School, on the Occupational Psychology programme, and I'm currently running a research project for my thesis on individual work engagement. I want to see how various aspects of engagement…

  • How can we design more engaging jobs? This is what my study aims to find out!

    Hello All!

    I'm an MSc student at University of Surrey Business School, on the Occupational Psychology programme, and I'm currently running a research project for my thesis on individual work engagement. I want to see how various aspects of engagement…

  • Recommendations for an employee engagement survey provider for SME

    Please could you share your recommendations for a company to provide an employee engagement survey for a small business approx. 65 employees. There are loads of options out there and welcome feedback on great companies you have used. Thank you!

  • Removing a Workplace

    Hi all

    I've been asked to conduct some research into the impact of removing a 'base' for a population of employees. The population are field based but use the rooms we have to sign in, meet with their managers, conduct some administration, etc but there…

  • Are your leaders a barrier to effective change?

    I am designing a modular programme for leaders responsible for leading change within their organisations.  

    I would be fascinated to hear how well equipped members feel leaders are in this area generally, and which specific competencies are most often…

  • Re: Take as much holiday as you like... or dare

    I think this is a most interesting approach to so many HR themes.

    If you think of all of the topics we become embroiled in like, how do we engage our employees, how do we empower them?  How do we reduce sickness absence?  How do we attract the best people…

  • Re: Staff engagment surveys for Public sector

    Hi Wendy

    I agree with everything mentioned above - but wonder if you found some solutions anyway?

    If you focus on talking to organisations who have achieved major changes in staff engagement, you could explore using the Investors in People framework.  Wh…

  • Expatriate Workers - Company Property

    I would love to hear from those of you who have expatriate workers and are providing them with company property (either owned or leased).
    In considering how we strengthen the emotional connection between the employee and our organisation, we are trying…
  • Engaging Staff to complete our Employee Survey


    We have an upcoming people survey and I wanted to reach out to see whether anyone had any innovative ways to engage employees to create a 'buzz' about surveys? We of course do the normal email campaign, posters and screensavers, but I am hoping that…

  • Internal Customer Engagement


    I have a business leader looking to gain feedback on his team and the relationship that they have with their internal customer base.  Specifically, he would like to get feedback in a similar way as a 360 degree feedback but asking the internal customers…

  • Exit Interviews and Organisational Change

    Hi all,


    I'm doing some research for my CIPD Certificate and I have been asked by my organisation to focus my research project on exit interviews.

     I have already looked at previous threads and found much which is useful and entertaining.

     My question now is…

  • Case studies needed - line managers and engagement

    Hi everyone
    I'm completing my IBI module and would like to ask
    for your help with finding organisations I can use as case studies.
    To summarise my research:
    · My organisation, Crisis, is a voluntary sector organisation that is
    growing and opening centres…