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  • CIPD Northern Ireland Conference highlights the role of people professionals in shaping the future of work

    By Lee Ann Panglea, Head of CIPD Scotland and Northern Ireland

    Throughout the course of the pandemic, organisations from across Northern Ireland have been forced to adapt at pace and implement changes in the way they operate whilst navigating uncertainty…

  • LGBT inclusion blog series: focus on wellbeing

    By Melanie Green, Research Adviser at the CIPD.

    Employee wellbeing has been high on the list of priorities for organisations and people professionals alike in the past year. According to data reported in our People Profession in 2020 research, 65% of business…

  • March 2021: Reflecting on the past year

    Mel Green & Gill Maxwell, Research Advisors

    On 23 March 2021 this year the National Day of Reflection in the UK will commemorate lives lost to  COVID-19 and we will stand together with everyone who is grieving. In supporting this milestone event, we…

  • Now is not the time to take our focus away from gender equality

    Claire McCartney, Senior Policy Adviser, Resourcing and Inclusion, CIPD

    We need to ensure that Diversity and Inclusion issues remain front and centre in our workforce decision-making and plans during and coming out of this pandemic.

    Organisations are placing…

  • Predictions for 2021

    By David D'Souza, Membership Director

    It’s true to say that 2020 was full of learning and the opportunity to reinvent for many, but it’s equally true to say that it was full of pain, loss and uncertainty. Over recent years I’ve regularly bee…

  • Disability inclusion and empowerment training

    Hello and wishing everyone a happy festive season!

    Can colleagues recommend any training courses they have attended or any consultancy firms they worked with to develop training around disability, disability stigma, equipping disabled staff with the confidence…

  • D&I in the Recruitment Process Help

    Hello everyone, 

    I hope you are all well and keeping safe at this time.  I work for a recruitment agency and part of my role is to ensure we champion D&I both internally and externally with our clients.  I am looking for some ideas around how we can…

  • RE: Religious Holidays

    Hi Stacy

    We often celebrate different days of significance here at the CIPD through food, cultural activities, and acknowledgment on our intranet etc.

    As a member of staff, I find it really interesting and fun to learn more and join in with what's going…

  • Diversity and inclusion competencies

    We have recently developed a set of inclusive workplace competencies for the Toronto Region Immigration Employment Council (TRIEC) in Canada. These are aimed at 4 groups of people and intended to include all dimensions of diversity (ethnic, gender, sexual…

  • Diversity & Inclusion Dissertation Project

    Good evening

    I am a level 7 HRM student just about to start my second year studies (studying part time alongside full time work).

    I've been giving some thought to what i'd like to study for my final dissertation and I am very keen to delve a little deeper…

  • Inclusive recruitment decision making

    We're moving to a new online recruitment system and would like to use it as an opportunity to review our recruitment processes. Diversity and inclusion is particularly important and I've been looking for examples of what other organisations do around…

  • Neurodiversity training policy


    Does anyone here have a training policy relating specifically to neurodivergent candidates that they would be happy to share?



  • Appreciative Enquiry

    I have recently submitted an engagement strategy to our Board of Directors which was well received.  My next step is to run Appreciative Enquiry sessions with all departments across the business and was wondering whether anyone had run similar sessions…

  • EIP: What works in D&I, week 4 - Person-Organisation 'fit' vs D&I + recap!

    You may have seen my post on what really works in promoting diversity and inclusion earlier in the month. Our Evidence into Practice diversity and inclusion research programme is now underway, so we wanted to share some of the discussion so far. In the…

  • Evidence into Practice: What Works in Diversity and Inclusion, Week 3 - Buy-in and commitment to D&I

    We move switfly into the third week of the CIPD’s Evidence into Practice research programme, exploring what actually works to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

    This week, we're looking at how to create buy-in and commitment to D&I…

  • Evidence into Practice - what works in diversity and inclusion, week 2

    Welcome to the second week of the CIPD’s Evidence into Practice research programme, in collaboration with Westminster Business School. We're exploring what actually works to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

    This week, we’re…

  • Welcome to our Evidence into Practice research programme: What actually works in D&I?

    Welcome to the CIPD’s Evidence into Practice research programme, launched in collaboration with Westminster Business School. We’re looking to fuse your expertise with research in order to come up with the best available evidence for what programmes…

  • What’s the evidence for D&I practices?

    We know that ensuring our workplaces are diverse and inclusive is simply the right thing to do. Moreover, supporting and valuing employees, regardless of their background, can only be good for business - not to mention employees!

    But we also know that…

  • RE: When will CIPD stop wishing me a Happy Christmas and start wishing me Happy Holidays?

    Hi Debbie, thanks for your message, it's interesting to hear different viewpoints.

    We take a varied approach with our seasonal greetings here at the CIPD. Our official cards say Season's greetings, we refer to 'festive' activities quite a lot in messaging…

  • RE: CIPD Diversity Calendar 2019

    Thanks Johanna

    I think it would a fabulous idea to renew it for 2019. I have a feeling that diversity and inclusion is going to be a hot topic for next year, amongst other things...not mentioning the B word.

  • Does diversity divide us or promote and protect the marginalised?

    President Macron has proposed removing the word 'race' from the French constitution in the hopes that it will formally recognise that all humans are equal and we shouldn't focus on our differences. Do you agree / disagree?

    Should the future…

  • Do events need to be for all?

    hoping someone can give guidance on what they currently do?

    We are a nationwide company with a head office.

    To build an engaged workforce and improve communication we want to hold a few events. These events would be a relatively cheap and be held in the…

  • Specialising in Diversity and Inclusion Management

    Hi there,

    I wanted to know what people's advice or experience would be if someone wanted to enter into the world of Diversity & Inclusion Management? How do you break into such an area?

    (I currently work in HR in a HSE hospital, have an undergraduate…

  • Struggling with dissertation proposal topic

    Hi all,

    I'm struggling with my dissertation proposal topic and wondered whether anyone could give me an angle?

    I work in HR in an arts organisation. My supervisor would ideally like to look at something related to EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion…