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  • Statutory pay - and bullying claims – go up

    Jill Evans, Law Content Analyst, looks at employment law changes and case law in November and December.

    The unexpected keeps happening. The new Job Support Scheme was replaced at the 11th hour by a reintroduced Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme , and lockdowns…

  • How you advice your chief executive about the importance of adhering to unfair dismissals law in Ireland

    Hi, I'm 4th year HR student from Dublin Institute of Technology, I'm doing a project about the importance of unfair dismissals law in Ireland.
    The part of the project to run questionnaires and I would appreciate if you could share your opinion about it…
  • Policy: if I haven't seen it, is it real?

    Hi all,

    This is a very broad range question 

    we all know that there are lots and lots of different policies from bullying to CCTV to car parking to security/travel the lists are endless and they are stored somewhere sitting on someones shelf or on a hard…