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  • RE: Project Management Course for HR Manager

    Hello Cindy

    I think there are excellent nuts and bolts Prince2 type courses around that teach the detailed theory but good project managers are very often good managers with excellent communication, leadership and planning skills. Project managers need…

  • Leader-academic partnerships in leadership research: Why do it?

    By Dr Julie Wilson, Chair of BAM Leadership & Leadership Development SIG, British Academy of Management

    On 9th January at the Work Foundation in London, influential business professionals joined with academics to discuss best practice in aligning and…

  • Coaching at work – why do line managers shun it?

    A study named “High-Impact Performance Management: Maximizing Performance Coaching” conducted by Bersin by Deloitte in 2011 has found that “Managers’ inability to coach is the most severe performance management challenge organizations face…

  • Employee productivity is about working smarter, not harder, faster or for longer

    Last week’s ONS statistics for labour productivity for the final quarter of 2015 provided proof, if still needed, that the UK’s productivity malaise continues.  The strength of job creation meant that output per hour worked fell by over 1%…

  • How effective is Human REsource Management across all age groups, but particularly for older workers?

    I am looking for a team-based organisation as a research partner; my study (PhD), looks at how different people perceive the suitability of the HRM practices they experience from their team manager, how well they feel this meets their personal needs,…
  • First Time People Manager

    Hi all,

    Does anyone on this thread have any recommendations for books which would help a first time people manager succeed?


  • Re: Staff engagment surveys for Public sector

    Hi Wendy

    I agree with everything mentioned above - but wonder if you found some solutions anyway?

    If you focus on talking to organisations who have achieved major changes in staff engagement, you could explore using the Investors in People framework.  Wh…

  • Management Development provider in Romania?


    Does anyone know of a training provider on the subject of management in Romania whom they would be happy to recommend please?

    Many thanks,