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  • Should checking emails on the commute count as 'working hours'?

    Who checks their emails while travelling to and from work? I occasionally check my work calendar to refresh my memory of what's in store for the day but as I walk / scoot / cycle to work, dealing with emails has not become a habit for me.


  • Mandatory lunch breaks?

    Does the future of work include mandatory (or strongly encouraged) lunch breaks?

    A new People Management article by Dr Preethi Daniel discusses the impact of eating lunch at your desk on productivity. I've included a few quotes below:

    'By skipping…

  • Is your company utilising fun in the workplace?

    A lot of people see ‘fun’ as the very opposite of work, but can fun in the workplace actually benefit companies and employees?
    In our latest play and productivity report we found that facilitating workplace fun not only helps reduce stress…
  • Internal email culture


    I am investigating the use of internal email at my organisation with a view to reducing stress, increasing productivity and potentially changing the culture of internal communication. I have encountered some interesting initiatives so far relating…