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  • HR’s key role in creating net-zero organisations

    Ben Willmott is CIPD’s Head of Public Policy. 

    The unprecedented heatwave that at the time of writing is gripping parts of the US and Canada is a sharp reminder that the pandemic is not the only pressing emergency we face. 

    Of course, responding to COVID-19 has…

  • Recruitment Lead time data


    Does anyone have any up to date and reliable data either UK, EU or N. America on the time it takes to recruit and onboard a new employee please?

    Many thanks in advance


  • Artificial Intelligence used in Recruitment

    Hi everyone! 

    I am currently working on L7 Dissertation module and my topic is investigating the use of Artificial Intelligence in Recruitment. 

    I would love to get insight into:

    - Benefits of AI in recruitment process
    - Challenges/ risks

    I have a short…

  • The Cognitive Process and Decision-Making Behaviour of Interviewers


    Dear Sir/Madam,          

    I am a PhD student from the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. I am now conducting an anonymous survey as part of my research to learn about people’s interview experiences (either as interviewers or candidates) and what they…

  • Facebook job ads/GDPR

    We've been posting some of our job ads on Facebook for a few months now so I wanted to tidy up and delete rejected applicants' details, which we don't need to keep under GDPR.  However, Facebook doesn't give me this function when I log in to…

  • Dissertation Survey Participants


    I am currently working towards my level 7 CIPD qualification as part of my HR masters at the University of Birmingham and I am currently completing my dissertation. This will be looking at the use of social media screening in recruitment and selection…

  • Inclusive recruitment training materials


    Would anyone be able to share materials for a training session about inclusive recruitment? I've delivered unconscious bias training already and I would now like to follow up with inclusive recruitment for hiring managers. If you are happy to share…

  • Consultancy Fees

    Hi Guys,

    I am putting together a quote for a consultancy assessment service that I will be providing for the first time where I will re-designing the recruiting process, resourcing, assessing (using psychometrics) and hiring suitable candidates for a…

  • Calculating absence in order to manage headcount

    Hi all,

    Bit of a math question for you...

    I work as a HR Administrator for a large manufacturing company and I was asked whether there was a method to work out how much absence cover the factory would need based off the absence % trends. The question…

  • Recruiting and retaining diverse, young talent: a policy report by UpRising Leadership

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a programme manager at UpRising Leadership, a pioneering national charity championing the critical issues surrounding diversity, social mobility and equality. Over the past four years we have been delivering our employability programme…

  • ATS Diversity Monitoring


    I am currently looking for a system/software solution in order to incorporate monitoring at recruitment. The current ATS we have has the ability to monitor this however this is only available to US customers?

    Any advice on a solution or to hear…

  • Rescinding offer of employment

    Hi all, 

    On the basis, no question is a silly question here goes....

    I've rescinding a conditional offer of employment for an applicant due to receiving an unsatisfactory reference. The applicant has now requested to see the reference. 

    As we've not…

  • Group Assessments

    Hi all,

    For the first time ever, I am putting together an assessment day for our student placement schemes.

    We will be recruiting undergraduates into our Aerodynamics department and I am seeking some inspiration of how to create a relevant group assessment…

  • Values based recruitment

    I work for an SME that is partly about trying to influence the more traditional mindset of larger, more hierarchical organisations. Has anyone had any experience they could share about working with larger organisations to encourage them to implement values…

  • Inclusive recruitment decision making

    We're moving to a new online recruitment system and would like to use it as an opportunity to review our recruitment processes. Diversity and inclusion is particularly important and I've been looking for examples of what other organisations do around…

  • Equal Opportunities Monitoring

    Hello, I am wondering whether anyone can help with my problem please.

    We currently use an applicant tracking system to store applications. Some come in direct to the system, some come via email and some via staff referrals. Irrespective, they all end…

  • Not offered role due to Paternity Leave

    My husband and I are expecting a baby mid-August. He applied for a role which would start on the 29th July and the first 4 weeks would require classroom based training. As part of ongoing conversations, he mentioned to the in-house recruiter that he was…

  • Recruitment Software

    Evening All,

    Looking for some advice. We are looking to change our internal recruitment database, and looking for advise on which recruitment software has worked well for other people.

    The team using it will primarily be IT Recruiters (Both permanent and…

  • Does this person really want to work in HR?

    This is a post that I have shared on the CIPD member LinkedIn group. If you are currently searching for a job or trying to break into HR then read and learn.

    Recently I shared a story on twitter about the applicant who applied for a job working at a hotel…

  • Checks on those previously working outside of UK


    I am currently updating and changing our format of the SCR to make it even more compliant!

    One of the headings of the template I am using from The Key is below

    Further checks on those previously living/working outside UK (see note 3)
  • ATS for small to medium size business

    Hi All, 

    I am currently looking into implementing an ATS at the company I am working for. At the moment we don't use any software at all. Our business have about 200 employees and is growing rapidly. 

    I just wanted to ask for suggestions? any particular…

  • Recruitment for Tutor to work in Further Education with SEN

    Hi All

    I work in quite a niche school/Trust and we are looking to recruit a Tutor within SEN. They need to have a relevant qualification but not a qualified teacher. This role would really be in further education. I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations…

  • Brexit/ Resourcing

    Between 2016 and 2018 there was a 95% fall in EU nationals joining the UK workforce. How much pressure do you think your organisation/ sector experienced in regards to recruitment?

  • CV feedback

    Hi All,

    I am looking for HR Advisor or Talent Acquisition roles but I have not yet had any interview offers despite registering with an agency and applying for several roles direct.

    My background is Recruitment (over 17 years experience).  I ran my own…

  • Recruitment Struggles

    Good Morning,

    Wondered if anyone could help.  We have had struggles recruiting a Quality Manager.

    Could anyone recommend a good head-hunter or agency who specialises in the recruitment of Quality / Manufacturing candidates?

    Thank you