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  • Is there really a return to the office? - In conversation with HR leaders in Ireland

    Mary Connaughton, Director, CIPD Ireland. 

    As we continue to cope with the unpredictable path of COVID-19, organisations and employees remain adaptable in their responses. A growing number of companies are holding off plans for office re-opening and hybrid…

  • RE: Re-emergence - a new future for the office environment

    Hi Alex we ran a live twitter Q&A on this yesterday and you can look at the comments via this #AskTheCIPD link for interest!

  • Should checking emails on the commute count as 'working hours'?

    Who checks their emails while travelling to and from work? I occasionally check my work calendar to refresh my memory of what's in store for the day but as I walk / scoot / cycle to work, dealing with emails has not become a habit for me.


  • RE: Remote working

    [Moderator note: I have edited this post as it was self-promotional / advertising... but have not removed it entirely as I deem it useful]

    Hi Rosie

    The answer to your question differs by country the employee is relocating to and depends on the current…

  • Employee Engagement and the Remote Workforce

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm currently finishing my CIPD Level 7 in HRM and as part of my Investigating a Business Issue, I am looking into Employee Engagement and the remote workforce. I'm looking to see how other HR professionals have found the relationship in their…