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  • Employee assistance programmes (EAPs) and unemployment in the era of COVID-19

    I would to ask everyone's voice and opinions into the research.

  • Managing stress at Fideres Partners

    To mark Stress Awareness Week we asked Kate Bicknell, Head of People and Culture at Fideres Partners, how they have approached managing stress during the pandemic.

    We explore the initiatives they put in place, the advice they’ve given managers and what…

  • National Stress Awareness Day

    By Rob Vondy, Head of Stress Policy at The Health and Safety Executive 

    As we recognise National Stress Awareness day, this anniversary is like no other given the impact of the global pandemic.

    Work-related Stress is a priority health topic for HSE and features…

  • Pandemic pressures increase risk of stress

    Stress Awareness Week marks an opportunity to take stock of the added pressures many are facing due to COVID-19, and what we can do to manage them. CIPD Policy Adviser, Rachel Suff explores this topic.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the whole…

  • Unable to complete Level 7 Diploma

    I am looking for some advice on the Level 7 Advanced Diploma. I have currently completed 6 out of 8 modules but due to the stress of trying to complete the rest of the course I need to stop as it’s starting to make me ill. Does anyone know if there would…

  • Should checking emails on the commute count as 'working hours'?

    Who checks their emails while travelling to and from work? I occasionally check my work calendar to refresh my memory of what's in store for the day but as I walk / scoot / cycle to work, dealing with emails has not become a habit for me.


  • Privacy when it comes to sickness absence

    An employee has been off sick for a few days, and has emailed today explaining he has been to the doctors and they've signed him off work for a stress related sickness due to recent family issues he has had, nothing to do with work. 

    I've asked him…