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  • Working Lives Scotland 2021

    By Marek Zemanik, Senior Public Policy Adviser

    The first Working Lives Scotland report was released three months after the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic. While it was already apparent that we were experiencing an unprecedented event, one year on we…

  • Protecting young people’s life chances

    By Sandy Begbie CBE, CEO at Scottish Financial Enterprise and author of Young Person's Guarantee report

    I was delighted to have the opportunity to join you in the plenary discussion at the recent CIPD Scotland conference. I left reassured by the…

  • How else can we support learners to upskill?

    By Marek Zemanik, Senior Public Policy Adviser.

    Could the tide be turning on upskilling and reskilling policy? With additional funding announced in the Scottish Budget for the National Transition Training Fund (aimed at adults at risk of redundancy) and…

  • Fairer workplaces for a fairer Scotland

    By Marek Zemanik, Senior Public Policy Adviser. 

    In just under 10 weeks, on 6th May 2021, people in Scotland will head to the polls to elect 129 new MSPs. It is fair to say, this election will be like no other election before it. We still face considerable…

  • The 2021/22 Scottish Budget and the people profession

    By Marek Zemanik, Senior Public Policy Adviser. 

    The last Scottish Budget before Scotland goes to the polls in May has been unveiled on Thursday, 28th January 2021. CIPD Scotland sent our views to Kate Forbes MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Finance, in advance…

  • Disability inclusion and empowerment training

    Hello and wishing everyone a happy festive season!

    Can colleagues recommend any training courses they have attended or any consultancy firms they worked with to develop training around disability, disability stigma, equipping disabled staff with the confidence…

  • Uncertainty on top of uncertainty – delivering the next Scottish Budget

    Marek Zemanik, Senior Policy Advisor for CIPD Scotland

    Marek Zemanik discusses how the next Scottish Budget will be very different compared to any other because of the impacts of COVID-19

    The last budget before an election is usually a big deal. You would…

  • Diversity and Inclusion /LGBT

    Hi Everyone,

    Can anyone recommend any quality online training providers in the areas of Diversity and Inclusion and LGBT?  I am looking to roll out online training to over 200 staff at all levels of the organisation - any recommendations would be really…

  • Gaining Practical Experience

    Hi All,

    I hope you and your families are all keeping safe. 

    I am looking for a bit of advice and hoping someone maybe able to help or give me some pointers. I am 1 year out of university graduating in Business Management and HR with Level 5 CIPD. I completed…

  • Anti-racism 'training'

    I'm exploring how we can use learning and development to help embed our anti-racism strategy.  It's difficult to come up with an organisation-wide training session for something so complex and I am sensitive to the need to NOT treat this like it's…

  • Should I study level5 without HR experience?


    I have worked in Recruitment for over 10 years and I am thinking about trying to transition into HR.

    I have quite broad recruitment experience that has touched upon; full-cycle, benefits, rewards, performance, management etc - but I have never worked…

  • EDI e-learning programmes

    Hi all,

    I'm reviewing our EDI e-learning provision. I was wondering if anyone has come across any really effective EDI e-learning provisions?

    By effective, I mean it addresses behaviour and culture as well as communicating Equality legislation.

  • Facilitation/Trainer course recommendations

    Hi all, 

    I completed my CIPD level 5 course about a year ago and I'm thriving in my current role. Currently I'm developing a lot of L&D for the organisation I work for, and while a lot of it is in the shape of eLearning I'm in need of developing my skills…

  • What would your employees say about your training or management to a TV street reporter?

    Your views are appreciated - Would you cringe or be proud?

    Imagine the scene, You get home from work, and on the regional part of the news, you see a report where a street reporter approaches local people.

    You realise interviewer is talking to one of…

  • Neurodiversity training policy


    Does anyone here have a training policy relating specifically to neurodivergent candidates that they would be happy to share?



  • CIPD level 5 - what are people's thoughts?

    Hi all

    I am currently trying to decide if I should start a CIPD level 5 course.  I have worked in management and HR for a good while now, I have a good job with no signs of anything changing.  So my question is, is there a day to day benefit in studying…

  • Good training and equipment more valuable than a large workforce - lessons from Boadicea

    The BBC has published some life lessons worth learning from Boadicea – One of them is that a well-trained and well-equipped team is better than simply having a large workforce (e.g. her huge army did not overpower the disciplined Romans).

    Have you…

  • CIPD Centres across the world

    It would be really nice to have CIPD centres around the world, as a number of international students come to the UK, get their degree, and membership and return back home.

    I did my degree from the UK and had the privilege of attending a few sessions organized…

  • Building Employment Law knowledge/ Specialist Qualification

    Hi Everyone,

    Hope you are all having a fantastic week. I have been researching qualifications in this area but am struggling to find the type of resources I need, i'm hoping someone else has already found what i'm looking for! 

    I am currently working…

  • Training Evaluation Forms

    Good afternoon

    My organisation is looking to review our Training Evaluation Forms.

    If anyone would be happy to share their templates with me, it would be most appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance.



  • becoming a trainer


    I'm actively looking to change jobs. I'm currently a training manager but I would like to do more than that ie. I would also like to deliver the trainings myself. What's the best way to get started? My immediate thought was to go for professional…

  • Payroll beginner - training and advice?

    Hi all,

    I recently took on a new role as HR Manager (UK) for a tech sector employer with 100+ employees in the UK and a HQ in NL. Although there was no mention of payroll in the job description, and even at offer stage, it became clear when I took on…

  • Training Providers in Gibraltar

    Hello - Would anyone be willing to offer some recommendations or ideas for management training resources in Gibraltar? 

    I have just started in a stand alone role based in the UK however we do have an office in Gibraltar and I need to arrange some management…

  • Greece - English business language lessons

    Hi community,

    I think this might be a long shot, but no harm in asking! 

    Can anyone recommend a company or individual who would be able to help provide English business language lessons for employees based in Athens?  

    I'd also like to be able to test the…