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  • RE: Valuing people - Lesson 3: your reflections


    Recently our group companies celebrated "Well Being" week. The focus is on physical and mental health. We have 2 yoga sessions and 2 JUMBA (physical exercises) classes. The employees felt relaxed. But, this mood faded away within…

  • Employee motivation in company health management (Survey)

    Hello everybody, for my bachelor thesis I'm doing a survey about 'employee motivation in company health management' (available in German and English).
    I would be very greatful, if you could participate. Thank you and best regards, Sabrina

  • Health Cash Plans

    Good morning,

    I'm reviewing our healthcare provision - currently an Absence Insurance policy which includes an Employee Assistance helpline, counselling support and physio, and only occasionally seems to pay out when we have absentees.

    What we are…

  • Employee Performance - Help Needed

    Hi everyone. 

    So I am new into my HR career. I have been given a project by my HR manager around how an employee should spend their time in the office. She want's to know (in percentage terms) how an employee should spend their time in the office on Development…

  • Mandatory lunch breaks?

    Does the future of work include mandatory (or strongly encouraged) lunch breaks?

    A new People Management article by Dr Preethi Daniel discusses the impact of eating lunch at your desk on productivity. I've included a few quotes below:

    'By skipping…

  • Wellbeing surveys

    Ive done a wellbeing questionnaire that im going to send around to all staff.  I want to home in on sorting staff out so that they are not working too much and make sure that the school are supporting every individual as and where they need it.  

    There are…

  • Management Report Title

    Good afternoon, I have started to sit down and start my management report, I found the subject that not only I love and I know the HR community is grabbing with both hands but its a well needed focus area within my organisation.   As part of the bigger…

  • Pre Christmas Party wise words

    Hi all

    In anticipation of high jinks over the next few weeks I've been tasked with pulling together some wise words of advice to staff prior to them attending their local Christmas parties.

    I'm lucky to have a subscription to XpertHR but the guidance t…