CIPD welcomes menopause in the workplace report findings and supports the call for a new Menopause Ambassador

The CIPD welcomes a new report from the Women and Equalities Committee on the impact of menopause in the workplace and the steps that the Government and employers can take to make workplaces ‘menopause friendly’. 

Claire McCartney, Senior Inclusion Advisor for the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, said:

“The CIPD welcomes the findings from the Women and Equalities Select Committee’s report on menopause and the workplace. The menopause affects millions of women each year and it’s vital that employers take action to ensure that those experiencing menopause are properly supported in the workplace and retained.

“We are pleased that findings from the inquiry that we gave evidence at are shining a spotlight on the importance of workplace support for those experiencing menopause transition. The CIPD has worked diligently to raise awareness of the importance of creating menopause-friendly workplaces, including being the first to call for the creation of Menopause Ambassadors. A Menopause Ambassador should work across government departments to ensure that they are joined up and considering the implications of menopause transition across all areas of public policy.

“We are also fully behind the report’s recommendation to make the right to request flexible working a right from day one of employment. This is something we have campaigned for over the last year through our ‘Flex from First’ campaign. This statutory change would support not only those experiencing menopause to manage their symptoms and remain in work but should be beneficial for all employees and support greater business agility and staff retention.” 

The CIPD has provided guidance on menopause in the workplace for both organisations and line managers to support those experiencing it.

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