CIPD Learning & Development Level 7 (7LTD) assignment

Hi All,

I'm currently studying 7LTD (Learning & talent Development) with an assignment due in this month. Unfortunately the tutor at our college is now on long term sickness and no one is available for guidance so hoping for a bit of help please.

First part of the questions is related to case study:

  1. A PESTLE and SWOT analysis to identify the main L&D issues facing the organisation.

Just interested to see if I'm on the right track - I'm fine completing SWOT and PESTLE as covered on Level 5 but not sure if I've actioned it correctly.

For pestle I've focused on the usual political. economic etc but the question underlined highlights the main L&D issues - I'm I on the right track if i discuss Brexit implications and impacts on staffing and turnover?