First step into HR

Hello, I am currently studying a CIPD level 5 diploma in Human Resources. I am trying to get work experience or volunteer work in the HR department. I have a master degree in business administration. I have an understanding of HR systems (HIRS, BAMBOO AND CASCADE ) and payroll system (ADP FREEDOM ) but I am struggling to get work any suggestions, please.
  • Hi Alex, hope you have made some progress since you post in Feb.
    It will be helpful to the forum if you provide additional information on your quest e.g.
    Where are you located
    Do you have any preference or geographical limitation for the work experience
    What area of HR do you need work experience - HRIS, Administration, Policy, Advisory etc
    What time frames do you need the work experience for etc (I hope you get the drift).

    Following the above, members will be better positioned to provide suitable responses to you.
    All the best