Download practical materials including template policies, letters and a checklist, to assist your response to the new coronavirus (COVID-19).

The materials are available courtesy of HR-inform and can be adapted to suit your particular organisation or circumstances.

General workplace safety risk assessment

This risk assessment can be used by a business during return to work after lockdown or in planning for return to work to identify the control measures that should be put in place to protect employees and others from the risk of coronavirus infection. (You may also be interested in Coronavirus (COVID-19): returning to the workplace guide).

Record of conversation about returning to the workplace after lockdown

This conversation record itemises some of the topics that should be covered when first talking to employees about returning to the workplace. Further conversations relating to the specifics of your business plan in detail should also follow. (You may also be interested in Coronavirus (COVID-19): returning to the workplace guide).

Managing coronavirus checklist

This checklist goes through the key areas organisations should consider in managing and preventing the spread of the coronavirus disease Covid-19, from communicating with employees to assessing those who have returned from affected areas.

Emergency protocol/business continuity plan

Use this policy to set out your organisation's emergency plans. This policy covers infectious diseases procedures which will assist in responding to the global health emergency. The policy also covers fire procedure, bomb threat procedures, evacuation procedures, and a business continuity management plan.

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