What are the key points of the age discrimination legislation?

What are the forms of age discrimination?

What should employers do to comply with the age discrimination and retirement legislation?

What common employer mistakes lead to age discrimination claims?

Can employee length-of-service benefits be a form of age discrimination?

Can older workers be excluded from some benefits?

How can age discrimination be objectively justified?

Does a justified retirement age have to be the same for men and women?

Can workers be dismissed if their ages make them more expensive to employ?

How can employers justify retiring employees lawfully?

Can employers offer a series of fixed-term contracts to, and reduce the benefits packages of, older employees?

Can employees be required to undergo a medical exam before being allowed to continue working into old age?

How can an employer retire an older employee whose performance has deteriorated but who is reluctant to retire voluntarily?

If an employee is allowed to remain beyond the employer’s justified retirement age, can they insist on reduced working hours?

What should an employer do if an employee changes their mind about retiring?

How much compensation can an employee be awarded for age discrimination?

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